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To view the full list of project videos, visit the RRT playlist on the TBARTA YouTube page. Please note, clicking on this link will take you to a separate website. 

Regional Rapid Transit (RRT) in Tampa Bay

Regional Rapid Transit (RRT) is TBARTA's plan to provide all-day modern mobility through quick, safe, reliable and frequent regional rapid service. RRT will use I-275 to connect people and places in Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

What is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)?

An artist's rendering of vehicle and station features for Bus Rapid Transit. BRT is the concept behind TBARTA's Regional Rapid Transit plan to connect Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties in Tampa Bay with modern mobility that is quick, safe, reliable and frequent.

March 2020 Station Area Charrettes  (Full Video)

Check out the great discussions that happened at TBARTA's Station Area Charrettes, part of the Regional Rapid Transit (RRT) project. In March 2020, we held six charrettes in neighborhoods along the planned RRT route where stations are planned. We asked attendees to describe their ideal neighborhood, tell us where the station might work best, and what amenities they hoped would be included when the stations are built.

March 2020 Station Area Charrettes  (Highlight Reel)

Check out the highlights from TBARTA's Station Area Charrettes, held in March 2020 as part of the Regional Rapid Transit (RRT) development plan. 

Artist Rendering of RRT Vehicle Crossing Exit/Entrance Ramp

This artist rendering shows the RRT vehicle traveling in a dedicated lane on the outside shoulder and crossing the area where automobiles and trucks exit the interstate. The dedicated lane on the interstate will go from a solid color (likely red) to striped to warn vehicles that a bus may be in the shoulder. Additional safety precautions will be in place to ensure the vehicles and the buses interact safely at the ramps along the interstate.